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Monday, May 31, 2010

June Big Question

Universalism, the "other U." What does it mean to you? Do you resonate with Universalism, or not? What about the Universalist perspective challenges or comforts you? This is what I've been thinking about lately, and I'll post on it over at Earthbound Spirit in a day or two.

But now The Salon is open! Leave a comment if you blog about this question & LE or I will add it to the post!

~Rev. Earthbound Spirit

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  1. Wait, what was the first U that's supposed to be so normative?

  2. I think a new meaning from the original should be adopted. A religion that can apply universally to everyone.

  3. Scott - Not necessarily normative, but the first U = Unitarian, which is how I hear many UUs refer to themselves. I've done it myself: "I'm a Unitarian" rather than "I'm a Unitarian Universalist," because it's shorter.


  5. I refer to myself as a Universalist because that's what I am. Questions like this sideline the tradition, or worse, make it available for salvage -- to be whatever anyone wants. That's not respectful.

  6. And a supplement to my earlier post:

  7. OK you wonderful people, stop making me do things that are not work! I have way too much to do. No more interesting content, please.

    I tagged the subject, too.

    Best All! Stop by 634 at GA if you're in.

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  9. I don't think Dan was responding to UU Salon. Donald seems to be, so I'm adding his.




  13. Added a link to my post. I haven't read others' responses yet, but it looks like there was a lot of interest!

  14. My post on Universalism can be found here:


  15. Ooops, a little late but I just started my blog . . .

  16. My comment seems to have gotten lost. I posted this just under the wire a couple of days ago:

    Universalism: Redemption is Always Possible