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Because that's how we UUs roll.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Welcome to the UU Salon!

I miss the UU Blog Carnival. When a bunch of folks all post on the same topic, it's better than the sum of the parts. A conversation develops, with one impacting the other.

So, here's my attempt to get something similar going. Once a month, a Big Question will be posted. (Feel free to email Lizard Eater with proposed questions.)

Answer it on your blog. Goal: to give your answer. Not what you've read, though you certainly can reference those books and writers who have influenced your answer. Your answer, and the meaning you've found.

Come back, and put the link to your blog post in comments. After a quick look-see to make sure it fits The Fine Print, your post will be added to the roster answering that question.

Friday, April 2, 2010

The Fine Print

Your blog post will be added to the roster of answers if:

a) It avoids abusive language
b) Stays on-topic
c) Is written from a Unitarian Universalist viewpoint*

Further rules can be added at the discretion of any of the blog moderators

*Because that's the point of the blog. It's a UU Salon.