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Friday, October 1, 2010

October Big Question

What is sacred to us?

Here's some context: I officiate at a number of weddings, mostly for people who are not Unitarian Universalists, but have gotten my name from one of the several UU churches in my area. One couple I worked with recently had inquired about the possibility of renting one of the opulent downtown cathedral for their wedding, and were told they could not because neither of them was Catholic. They found a Protestant church that was more than happy to allow the ceremony, but the minister there would not officiate because one of the partners had never been baptized in any Christian faith.

In thinking about the boundaries other groups put on the use of their spaces, I started wondering what was sacred to us - so sacred that we claim exclusive rights. Do we allow a non-UU couple to light the chalice in their wedding ceremony? Do we require any couple being married in a UU church to be married by a UU minister?

What say you? What is sacred? Where do we draw the line? Or, is there even a line to be drawn?

The Salon is OPEN.

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