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Friday, March 11, 2011


A bit of housekeeping this month. The question -- no need to write about it on your blog, just put it in comments -- what questions would you like to see The UU Salon ask?


  1. Maybe the Big Question for UUs isn't a question of "belief." According to information compiled by the US Census Bureau analyzing the age distrubition of US residents (both citizen and alien), approximately 25% are young adults (by the UUA definition: ages 18-35). So my three-part Big Question is:

    1) Is roughly 25% of your congregation's membership and/or worship attendance and/or other significant participation made up of young adults (18-35)?

    2) If not, what is your congregation doing about it?

    3) If your congregation is currently doing nothing about it or what you are doing is ineffective, what do you believe can or should be done about it in the specific context of your congregation (rather than in the abstract)?

    NOTE: If you are not in the US or your city or area has demographic features that make the 25% inapplicable, please substitute the percentage that is relevant to your location.

  2. Let's talk about CLASS, baby. I'll work on an actual question, but I'm thinking a lot about class divisions these days...

  3. Why, despite decades of anti-racism work, is UU so white?

  4. I'm also thinking about humanism, which so thoroughly influenced Unitarianism, and then Unitarian Universalism, in the 20th Century. What were/are the gifts of this influence? What were/are the drawbacks? These questions could also be framed for other theological stances...

  5. I would like to suggest a three part question about the place of Christianity within modern Unitarian Universalism (UUism) and its communities. The three related questions are: 1. What do you see is the current place of Christianity within modern UUism. 2. What place if any would you like to see Christianity have with in modern UUism. 3. what do you feel is the current place held by Christianity in your local UU community.